Thursday, April 7, 2011


The Pirates' home opener.....time to eat.

Today is the Pittsburgh Pirates' home opener at PNC Park. Woo Hoo. Since the Bucs have been one of the worst teams in baseball, management has created incentives to get people into the stadium with out a winning team. It seems they have done everything except free beer - which would have the whole town lined up at the gates. They know three things about Pittsburghers and are not afraid to exploit us.
  1. We like free things and fireworks
  2. We like beer with our sports, even if we are allergic to gluten
  3. We love food - the more disgusting the better.
Besides dazzling us with explosions, serving gluten free beer and vegan stuff for hippies, PNC Park's food service management has created the most disgusting/amazing sandwich known to man.

Behold, this food monstrosity

You know you want one.

It is named the Pulled Pork Pierogi Stacker, and made with BBQ pork piled up on a Breadworks pretzel bun with two potato pierogi (probably Mrs. T's, grrr....*fist shake*), topped off with caramelized onions. If you have a heart attack at the ballpark this summer, its probably not because the Buccos made the playoffs. Its the American melting pot in a sandwich; some German pretzel, some southern pork BBQ, and an Eastern European pierogi twist.

Think of it as an $8 gastronomic pierogi adventure.

Thanks to Aramark, I've got my plans for the summer - go to the game, drink a beer, eat the pulled pork pierogi stacker and fall asleep in the stands in the warm sun. Done and done.

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