Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Pierogies" by Billy Nardozzi

This summer I was surprised when one crazy morning I checked my email inbox and found a note from Billy Nardozzi with a personalized poem waiting for me inside. I was astonished, amazed and in total awe that Billy, the bard of Pittsburgh, even knew who I was, let alone write me one of his famous poems.

Immediately, I thought that someone was playing a nasty trick, using my fond affection for Mr. Nardozzi against me. Who has the time to make up fake email addresses and study Billy's unique writing style in order to make an exquisite fake? The poem was too good, it must be true.

There was only one way to know - I called Billy. He wasn't home but he returned my call and left me a message confirming the authenticity of the poem.

Billy, if you read this, THANK YOU!


On a "one to ten scale"
They get an "eleven"!
And you'll be eating them

Yes just "one bite"
And you will see
That "every ingredient"
Is right on key!

"Lynne Szarnicki"
That's her name!
And making "pierogies"
Is her game!

Been doin it forever
And doin it "right"!
And that's why she
Is "outta sight"!

"3 thumbs up"!!!
For the work you do
You sure make "Pittsburgh"
"Proud of You"!

Thank You Lynne,
Billy Nardozzi
Green Tree

For more of Billy Nardozzi's poems, go to

If you don't know who Billy is, shame on you. He's PGH famous!